2013 Yunnan Mao Feng

A fantastic fresh Chinese green tea from Stone Leaf. My fiancée describes it as “like pesto”, and she’s right. There’s the salty, the sweet, the nutty, and the green.

The aroma is gently, according to my tasting chart, empyreumatic: kind of toasty, but certainly the fresh vegetable taste carries most of the weight. We had trouble coming up with which vegetable we noticed specifically, and I think it’s watercress. Crisp and sweet.

The body is medium and not over-strong and the liquor is a spring green. The aftertaste is that Yunnan dryness, certainly, but it’s almost overwhelmed by the sweetness that lingers at the tip of the tongue.

I would say we got a good four infusions before the flavors started to wane. Even the fifth infusion was still bold and sweet, although I had to steep it a little long (maybe 2 or 3 minutes).

If you have not tasted a fresh Chinese green, I cannot recommend it highly enough. There is an energy, a bright qi, that just does not exist after a few months.

2 thoughts on “2013 Yunnan Mao Feng

  1. paul

    Hey Payton, you write really beautifully and insightfully about tea, and great photos too. Thanks for following me so that I was able to discover your site! I drink this very tea myself from Stone Leaf quite a bit – a current favorite, and you bring out its specialness well.

    (I have also learned a new word: empyreumatic!)

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